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Cat With A Tiger Coat -Bengal-

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In 1963, Jean Sugden, a breeder in California, bought an Asian leopard cat, Felis prionailurus bengalensis, a wild cat, a miniature panther with a spotted coat, both a great swimmer and a fisherman. . 
She crossed it with an American Short-hair cat to create a breed of domestic cats with characteristic traits of wild cats. The cats from this hybridization were fertile. Crossed with their father, they gave birth to kittens with a spotted dress. Bengal was created. 

In 1973, Dr. Centerwall of the University of California continued these hybridizations to test the resistance of the Asian leopard cat to the feline leukemia virus. He donated eight of these hybrids to J. Sugden who became Mrs. Mill, who continued her breeding program.
The Siamese, the Egyptian Mau, the Burmese were used by the breeders to create new lines. 
The first breed topic, "Millwood Finally Found" was registered at TICA (The International Cat Association)

in 1983. The CFA (Cat Fancier's Association) did not recognize it as FIFe (First ISLSCP Field Experiment) just did. This race is part of the new generation of "savages" and is not widespread.

BENGAL in a few words :

This cat is balanced, pleasant to live, provided that it is at least from 4th to 7th generation after the hybridization between a cat and an Asian leopard cat. Despite this, his hunting instinct and his dynamism are above the average of the species. Kittens are rather pests. 
The male has the reputation of being much gentler than the female, who is often very independent and excessive, both in his anger and in the manifestation of his tenderness.
Sociable vis-à-vis congeners and dogs, but "wild" behaviors can be observed. Lively, active, he loves to work and loves water. He needs space. Quite exclusive with his master who must devote time to him, he can be as affectionate as any other cat. His voice is discreet. Its maintenance is easy.

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Broad enough with rounded contours. Slightly longer than wide. Slightly curved profile from the forehead to the bridge of the nose. Pronounced high cheekbones. Jowls accepted in adult males. Muzzle wide, full. Nose big, wide with a slight concave curve. Jaws well pronounced.

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