Cat Breed -Tonkinese-

Cat Breed -Tonkinese-

tonkinese cat


 A new breed, created in North America and Canada in the thirties, crossing the Siamese with the Burmese , then called Golden Siamese , and which did not attract the public. Note that at that time the Siamese was stronger, more robust, and the Burmese less round than today. It was not until 1960 that this cat, renamed Tonkinese, was finally appreciated. He was recognized in 1974 by the Canadian Cat Association and in 1978 by the CFA. The Tonkinese, popular in the United States, is rare in Europe.


Short, fine, silky, lustrous, lustrous, well placed on the body like mink (Mink). Colors: characterized marks of Siamese, on a background of darker dress approximating the original color of Burmese. These marks are gradually melted in the dress, without contrast as in the Siamese. The final color is not reached before the age of 16 months and tends, as Burmese and Siamese, to darken throughout The colors are the same as in the Burmese, but slightly attenuated.Consider: - Natural mink (sand at the Burmese seal in the Siamese) (natural mink): medium hot brown body and dark chocolate ends. - Champagne mink: cream buff body, light brown tips. - Blue mink: soft blue-gray body, medium blue to slate ends. - Platinium Mink: very pale silver gray body, darker silver tips. - Honey mink: golden body with apricot amber, reddish brown tips. The CFA does not recognize the Honey mink.

This cat, always alert, is stirring, player. He needs space because he is a sportsman, but he is also quite runaway. Very sociable with his congeners, gentle and affectionate with his masters, he is still less exclusive than the Siamese. It does however require a lot of attention and hates loneliness. Its maintenance comes down to a weekly brushing. If a Siamese-Burmese marriage gives only Tonkinese, it should be known that the union of two Tonkinese gives statistically 50% of Tonkinese, 25% of Burmese and 25% of Siamese which explains that the European Feline Associations do not consider this race as authentic.

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