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Naked cats have appeared in the world at different times. Mexican bare-skinned cats would go back to the pre-Columbian era.

 In 1938, Professor E. Létard described in France the mutant allele h of naked kittens from a Siamese couple. In 1966, Mrs. Micalwaith's Elizabeth, in Ontario, Canada, gave birth to a naked male cat called Prune. Plum and Elizabeth had naked kittens.

 The spontaneous mutation responsible for this trait is due to the recessive allele hr. Also in Ontario and around the same time, Mrs. Smith discovered Bambi, a white and black naked male.

 Pinkie and Squeakie, two naked females, were adopted in the Netherlands by Hugo Hernandez. In the eighties, similar cases are described in Great Britain. 

While these cats were abandoned in the United States, European breeders were interested, particularly French, since 1983, as well as Dutch breeders. It is true that one can not remain indifferent before such cats, adored by some, decried and hated by others. In the face of success and curiosity, during exhibitions, American breeders imported Sphynx from Europe. The breed is recognized by TICA, but the CFA and FIFe have refused to do so. Sphynx is very sparse.


Skin apparently naked with a texture reminiscent of chamois leather.

 Wrinkled skin on the head, body and paws. Elsewhere she is tense. The fur is reduced to a fine down over most of the body. Some hairs are present on the face, feet, tail and testicles. Also "naked cat" is a misnomer. All colors are recognized, as well as all the motifs. White appears pink and dark gray black.


The Sphynx is lively, mischievous, player, independent. Sociable with his peers and dogs, he is never aggressive.

 Very affectionate, even possessive, he loves to be cajoled. Life in an apartment suits him perfectly because he is sensitive to cold, heat and humidity. 

In winter, it must be served energy rations to maintain its body temperature slightly higher than that of the species. Even if it is bronze, avoid exposure to the sun which can cause burns. 

Unlike other breeds of cats, it sweats through the skin, which requires regular cleaning with the washcloth. The bath is not recommended. In addition, the ears should be the subject of periodic care because the production of cerumen is abundant. The cat does not present more than two heat a year. Neonatal mortality is high. 

Kittens are born with very wrinkled skin and a coat along the spine that will disappear with age.

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