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siamese cat

   The Siamese Cat

siamese cat

Origins and history of the Siamese

The Siamese is an ancient race. Indeed, traces of it can be found in Thailand as early as the 15th century. It was then during the nineteenth century that he made his appearance in England, where his success was dazzling. This craze earned him to be appreciated until America, where he also found his place quickly.
In 1970, breeders sought to change the breed to accentuate the particularities, particularly at the physical level, already very atypical. At the time, England and America wish to value different points. Today, it is the combining English and American criteria, is to say, an elegant body, a long head, oriental eyes and ears both low and large, which are retained as the most beautiful.

Varieties of the Siamese

The main characteristic of Siamese is its dress. Claire, she dresses in more colorful areas at the ends, tail, muzzle and ears. In addition to its coat, this cat is distinguished by its slender and slender silhouette, and, of course, by its big blue eyes in the shape of almonds.

Ideal age of the Siamese

At birth, the Siamese dress is very light in color, almost white, and plain. It is only around 10 days of life that the darker parts of his coat appear. However, the final color is obtained only between 12 and 15 months.

The Siamese reaches adulthood at the age of one, and the older they are, the more their fur goes down. From the age of 8, the Siamese is considered as senior, and must receive a diet for older cats to ensure good health.

Behavior of the Siamese

The Siamese cat is often referred to as "cat-dog", an appellation justified by its behavior. Very attached to his owners, he stays close to them, at the risk of becoming a little invasive, constantly looking for signs of affection.

He is also active and likes to play, climb and jump. One of his best assets is undoubtedly his voice, with which he communicates in a sometimes funny way. His vocalizations allow him to attract the attention of his masters and to exchange with them, so much so that some even declare to converse with their Siamese.


The Siamese is characterized by its unusual dress, whose light areas contrast with the dark areas. 

While the body is light beige, the mask, the ends of the legs, the ears and the tail are darker. There are, however, several variations in tone.

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