Cat Breed -Scottish Fold-

scottish fold cat

The Scottish Fold

scottish fold cat

The Scottish Fold comes from Scotland where the first cat with folded ears was discovered.
It is a very recent breed (1961), appeared by spontaneous mutation within the cats of the Scottish farm of William and Mary Ross. It is recognizable by its round and jovial shape and especially the shape of its ears, folded forward.
Size : average
Weight : 3 to 5 kg
Hair : short
Dresses : any color accepted
Life expectancy : 15 years

Character of the Scottish fold

The Scottish Fold is a very sweet cat . He is calm and gets along very well with children and other animals. Very affectionate , he needs a lot of love. He enjoys human companionship and will be happy with a family . This cat adapts very well to the apartment life .
The Scottish Fold is intelligent and very player . It is not an aggressive cat and it is advisable to secure your garden if you let it out. He will be able to go outside avoiding bad meetings.
Scottish Fold Health
The ears of the Scottish Fold being folded, we must pay special attention. They require regular cleaning . Apart from that, the Scottish Fold is a robust breed that does not have a particular health problem.

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