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Originally from Thailand, the Oriental differs from the Siamese only in the color of the coat and eyes.

 For some, the Oriental would be the original type, Siamese, an Oriental color-point, being a variety. They both arrived in Britain at the end of the 19th century. 

Between 1920 and 1930, the Siamese was preferred to the Oriental. The latter did not interest the English breeders until 1950. By crossing Siamese and Europeans of different colors, one obtained successively Eastern chocolate, white (Foreign White) and blue.

 In 1968, American breeders began breeding programs, favoring an extreme morphological type, close to the current Siamese, while the English preferred a moderate type. The CFA recognized the breed in 1972 under the name of Oriental Short-hair. 

In 1994, it approved the long haired variety (Oriental Long-hair) or Mandarin. The Oriental is not very widespread.

Oriental Cat Characteristics:

Short hair, dense, fine, silky, lying down. Four major groups of varieties:

- uniform dresses: single-colored without stripes or tabby marks.

 -Pure white, black (ebony), blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon (cinnamon), fawn (fawn).

 - Tortoiseshell and derivative dresses: orange, black and chocolate.

 - Dresses whose base of hair is discolored: smoke (smoke): discolored hairs on a short length at their base.

 - Silver (silver): pigmentation at the end of the hair (tipping).

 - Tabby dresses: - marbled (blotched): wide stripes. 

- Tiger (mackerel): narrow stripes perpendicular to the spine.

 - Mottled (spotted): circular spots, regularly distributed.

 The Oriental spotted Tabby, also called Maus, is often confused with the Egyptian Mau. Between stripes and stains, agouti-like hair.

Oriental Cat Behavior :

Like the Siamese, the Oriental is very lively, extrovert, proud, haunting. Sociable, he does not like loneliness. 

Player, he tolerates children. 

With his master, he is affectionate, often very possessive, even despotic. 

He does not admit indifference. "Bavard," his voice is loud. He has the temperament of a hunter. 

The cat exhibits sexual precocity (puberty from the age of 9 months) and frequent heat. 

Its prolificacy is higher than the average of the species. 

Its maintenance is easy. Weekly brushing is enough.

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