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maine coon cat

Maine Coon Cat

maine coon cat

Origins and history of Maine coon

An imposing cat recognizable by its medium-length hair, square muzzle and feathered ears, the Maine Coon owes its name to the state of Maine, in the United States, where it originated.
 Several legends tell the birth of this breed. The most fanciful and more widespread explains that it would come from a cross between a cat from the forests of the northeast and a raccoon (colloquially called "coon" in English). Prestigious cat adulated in the 1860, the Maine Coon is then the subject of numerous exhibitions. 
The breed was, however, relegated to oblivion in the late 1940 for the benefit of Persians and Siamese. It regained popularity in 1950, but it was only in 1967 that it was recognized by the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA).
Varieties of Maine coon
In addition to their size, the Maine coons are recognizable by their large, slightly oval eyes, round-fingered legs, long tails, and pointed, bushy ears that resemble those of the lynx. Cats are distinguished by the color of their dress and the amount of white that it contains.

Behavior of Maine Coon

Mixture of rusticity and elegance, this cat with the strong build does not fail to impress. Yet, the education of this cat is very simple.

 At once mild and wild, the Maine Coon possesses great qualities. We read his kindness in his eyes. 

Dynamic and player, he also knows how to stay calm. He will curl up on his master's lap. Hungry for petting, he purrs rather than meowing.

 He knows how to make himself heard and will not fail to let you know that he is waiting for something. Very easy to educate, the Maine Coon must be used to other animals from an early age.

Maine Coon Color

Soft and long, Maine coon hair can be declined in different dresses. The most popular are tabby and tabby mixed with white. 

The other major categories of colors are uni-coloured, turtle scales, silver, smoke and particolours. Like all long-haired cats, Maine Coon requires regular brushing to remove dead hair and avoid knots.

Size  : large 
Weight  : 7 to 8 kg for males, 5 to 6 kg for females 
Hair  : mid-length 
Dresses  : all accepted colors except chocolate, lilac and colour-point. 
Life expectancy  : 15 to 20 years

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